man dressed in nice clothing in modern office setting

Hey, handsome

Here’s the thing:

We know you’re busy, working from home, running into the office, or picking up kids after work. So, you want to feel comfortable. But showing up to work gym-ready isn’t doing your professional life (ahem, or your sex life) any favors. Sure, you look good in those snug tech pants, but your colleagues don’t want to see that—except maybe the hottie in Accounting—and, frankly, you can do better than that. So, do yourself a favor, and start dressing like a man who gives a damn.


Comfortable clothes for men featuring performance fabrics perfect for year-round wearability.


Comfort without compromise


What do you wear when you can’t wear a t-shirt, sweatshirt or sweatpants? The short answer: Any NICESTUFF garment. Why? Because we work with an ultra-fine cotton that’s softer than the fleece lining inside your sweats.

Easy peezy. Great website, fast shipping, love the brand. Thanks!!

John W.


New Yorkers and designers

A shirt is a shirt, right? Wrong. A shirt—or any garment for that matter—is only as good as the designer behind it. And we’re good. Founded by a born-and-bred New Yorker/designer, NICESTUFF was born of a simple concept: Let’s not sacrifice style for comfort. Because you deserve both.

Ready to dress smarter?

Shop the smarter choice for your comfort, style and sex life—yeah, we said it. Irresistibly soft so no man goes home alone.