Why Nicestuff?

Because you deserve nice stuff


You work hard and you hustle. You deserve to wear nice stuff—and we’re not talking $120 sweatpants—we’re talking pants that feel like sweats, but look like expertly tailored, perfectly fitted designer pants worthy of the runway. Don’t take our word for it: Scroll and see for yourself.


Comfortable clothes for men featuring performance fabrics perfect for year-round wearability.

Our Fabric

Ultra-fine like the men who wear it

We get it: You see “cotton” on the label and think it’s just another cotton shirt—we don’t blame you. Fabric isn’t a men’s game—it’s a designer’s game. So, as designers, take it from us: Our 100% cotton, ultra-fine mélange yarn is the king of cottons. The kind of cotton you can’t stop touching and won’t want to take off—you know, until someone wants to take it off for you.

✔️ Makes work clothes feel more like activewear
✔️ Moves with the body—never slinky or clingy
✔️ Holds its body and structure with wear
✔️ Made without the use of harmful chemicals
✔️ Made to last, like a single-malt whiskey

Comfort without compromise


What do you wear when you can’t wear a t-shirt, sweatshirt or sweatpants? The short answer: Any NICESTUFF garment. Why? Because we work with an ultra-fine cotton that’s softer than the fleece lining inside your sweats.


Design first, marketing second

Look, today anyone can launch a clothing brand with an MBA in marketing. But only a designer can tailor a garment for a purpose. We don’t just add spandex to make a garment stretch like the next guy. We—get this—design the garment itself to stretch. We engineer the fabric for a purpose, whether that’s comfort or performance—or, in our case, both. Sure, marketing may sell clothes, but that doesn’t mean they’re good clothes. Ours are.

Ready to dress smarter?

Shop the smarter choice for your comfort, style and sex life—yeah, we said it. Irresistibly soft so no man goes home alone.

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