3 Reasons Guys Who Workout Love NICESTUFF

3 Reasons Guys Who Workout Love NICESTUFF

Here are three reasons why guys who workout choose NICESTUFF performance work clothing as their go-to tops for work, play, and everything in between.

If you have an athletic build, you already know the struggle of finding a flattering, comfortable men’s fitted dress shirt that fits your v-shaped proportions.

Right off the rack, these “made for the masses” button downs are either too boxy, or so slim fitting they leave little to the imagination, with even less breathing room to settle into.

Adding insult to injury, simply “sizing up” for comfort in the chest and shoulders leaves you with two other undesirable options: Spending extra time and money on tailoring and dry cleaning or rocking a shirt that resembles a dress. Your goldilocks solution? A men’s fitted dress shirt from NICESTUFF.

Here are three reasons why guys who workout choose NICESTUFF performance work clothing as their go-to tops for work, play, and everything in between.

Flattering & Tailored Fit

First things first: fit. 

Our men’s performance dress shirts are built with a slim-fit design that flatters your chiseled physique. And we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill slim fit that leaves your pecs and biceps gasping for air. We’re talking ultra-fine, super soft, and ridiculously comfortable mélange cotton materials constructed to hug your body in all the right places without feeling tight or clingy. How do we know? Because our customers tell us so.

Here’s what NICESTUFF customer, James W., had to say about the fit and functionality of our performance dress shirts:

Perfect Fit

“To be honest, I didn’t get my hopes up on finding a shirt that fit without sacrificing style. As a guy with a big chest and small waist, most shirts fit me like a dress. This shirt fits right out of the box! I wish more vendors would respond to all the guys that spend a lot of time in the gym only to find there’s nothing out there that complements their work…without showing off in an overly tight shirt…I’ll be back!”

Movement & Multi-Stretch Design

A tailored fit means nothing if there isn’t a little breathing room. That’s why our men’s performance dress shirts are also designed with movement in mind. Our awesome performance cotton fabric boasts a multi-stretch design that encourages movement without sacrificing the perfect fit. 

Worried about your new favorite fitted dress shirt stretching out? Don’t be. Our men’s performance dress shirts were designed to hold their shape from early morning meetings to after-work libations–and whatever else happens before or afterward. But don’t take our word for it! NICESTUFF customer, Miguel, can attest:

The Perfect Shirt

“I wore this shirt to a recent meeting. Having lived in t-shirts and sweats for almost a year, this shirt had the comfort of a t-shirt but the style of a dress shirt. The fabric is soft and stretchy, yet the shirt keeps its shape well. I love it so much I just bought more colors!”

Comfort & Performance Second to None

With a tailored fit and no-fuss multi-stretch design in the bag, it’s time to talk about comfort and breathability–two things you’re probably not getting from your synthetic fabric dress tops. 

When designing our shirts, we understood the dire need for fitted dress shirts made from breathable, natural materials. In fact, it’s exactly the reason we chose 100% mélange cotton as our textile of choice. 

Both luxurious and sustainable, mélange cotton is prized for its ultra-soft hand feel and ultra-fine finish. Mélange cotton breathes to keep you looking and feeling comfortable through every challenge the day throws your way. And since our performance dress shirts are wrinkle-resistant and easy to launder, you’ll save time and money better spent on, well, whatever you want!

Show Off Your Physique with NICESTUFF Performance Dress Shirts

Whether your occasion calls for a men’s long sleeve button down shirt, you’re dressing to impress at your summer soiree in a men’s short sleeve button down shirt, or you want to rock casual Friday in a men’s long sleeve polo shirt, rest assured your NICESTUFF men’s performance dress shirt offers the comfort, fit, and performance fabrics that will do the talking for you.

Shop NICESTUFF dress clothes for men today to stock up on today’s most comfortable men’s dress shirts designed with your physique in mind. For more menswear tips and inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@nicestuffclothing)!

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