5 Quick Summer BBQ Outfit Tips for Men With Style

5 Quick Summer BBQ Outfit Tips for Men With Style

When dressing to impress is just as important as staying cool and comfortable, you’ll be glad you had these five summer BBQ outfit tips in your back pocket. Let’s dive into what’s hot for staying cool and looking fly at every summer event you attend.
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With summer in full swing, there’s a good chance you’re on the list for a few (or a few dozen) after-work and weekend BBQs. If you’re frantically searching “What to wear for a summer BBQ,” relax–we’ve got you!

When dressing to impress is just as important as staying cool and comfortable, you’ll be glad you had these five summer BBQ outfit tips in your back pocket. Let’s dive into what’s hot for staying cool and looking fly at every summer event you attend.

5 Summer BBQ Outfit Tips for Men

1. Keep it Casual [But Polished]

Hanging with friends, meeting new people, and taking a load off after work or on weekends calls for casual dress. But don’t be fooled–a casual ‘fit doesn’t mean you can’t still look dapper AF.

When planning your outfit for summer BBQs galore, choose casual fabrics in color combinations that fit the vibe. Rooftop soiree on Friday night? Meet the mood with smart casual looks that fit well, look neat, and don’t stand out like a sore thumb. Opt-in for neutrals, soft blues, and the right summer shoes to tie it all together (we’ll get to those later).

Maybe your BBQ outfit needs to match a planned theme, like Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” or a classic luau (lay optional). In that case, we recommend pairing a pair of well-fitting, tailored shorts or tapered pants (depending on the temperature) with your favorite aloha shirt. Take extra care to save your skin on a sunny afternoon with a matching fedora hat! Then grab a cold brew or whiskey on the rocks to really set the dial to party mode.

If the BBQ invite isn’t specific on attire, stay safe in the neutral zone with neutrals, or add a pop of life and color to a mid-afternoon BBQ outfit with a soft or sun washed pop of color like salmon or earth-toned colors subtle oranges, greens, muted reds, terracotta, and the like. 

You can learn more about creating your favorite casual summer wardrobe with these 3 Best Summer Color Combinations.

2. Say Yes to Performance Fabrics

Whether you’re grilling all day or on your way directly from the office, one thing is for certain: your hot summer soiree should feel like a treat, and your summer BBQ attire, well–that should feel like anything but work. That’s why tip number two is all about dressing to impress with performance fabrics that won’t leave you looking or smelling like you just ran a marathon.

These days, performance menswear makes it simple to look sharp without sacrificing comfort or functionality. For maximum comfort, always opt-in for breathable, natural materials like cotton or cotton linen blends for your tops and bottoms at any hot or humid get-together.

For instance, the men’s short sleeve button down from NICESTUFF is the perfect party shirt for BBQs and beyond. Made with surprisingly soft, ultra-fine 100% melange cotton, this structured shirt is engineered to move and breathe with you, all while retaining its shape and resisting wrinkles like the best of ‘em. Combined with removable collar stays, break-resistant buttons, and an ultra-flattering slim fit, that collected, confident vibe you’re going for will come naturally. Plus, with over eight summer-approved colors to choose from, you’ll have the perfect shirt for every casual event you find yourself at this summer.

3. Account for a Change in Weather

Your perfect outfit can quickly become a poor choice if you don’t consider the weather before heading out. If your BBQ plans to go into the night, account for the temperature drop and plan accordingly with a light zip-up, pullover, or potentially a change of pants and shoes. If your forecast calls for extra humidity or rain, be safe instead of sorry with a change of clothes. You’ll feel better knowing the option is there if you need it for the BBQ–or for whatever else might happen when the sun goes down.

4. Don’t Slack on Shoe Choice

You can nail the perfect outfit, but if your shoes don’t match the rest, you’re sure to stick out like a sore thumb. Brown shoes are the most versatile for casual events, while black dress shoes are reserved for fancy affairs.

One of the most popular summertime party shoe options for men is the boat shoe. Boat shoes look great with shorts, dress pants, and jeans alike, plus they’re the perfect shoe when you don’t want to get your feet wet. If you’re wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, you can’t go wrong with a nice pair of leather sandals or even a nice pair of leather sneakers. Long pants look best with close-toed shoes; just be sure they match the rest of your look!

5. Err on the Side of Sustainability

With all of the sun kissed scenery and opportunity for fun the summer brings, it only makes sense to support the planet that’s responsible for this season of extreme fun. That’s why when shopping for your new go-to outfit for summer BBQs galore, it pays to consider the impact your choices make on the environment and global communities. There are a few ways to do this… 

First, you can buy fewer clothes of nicer quality that can be mixed and matched to make several different outfits. You can also shop sustainable brands that are transparent across their supply chain and use ethical sourcing and labor practices. You can also shop second-hand, locally, and opt-in for earth-friendly, organic materials whenever possible.

For instance, all of NICESTUFF’s clothing for men is made with 100% biodegradable mélange cotton that’s sustainably and ethically sourced and manufactured. These natural fibers are made superior by nature, never requiring a chemical spray to make them seem comfortable.

Own Your Summer Style with Natural Performance Menswear from NICESTUFF

It's not every day you get to BBQ with your crew, but it should be every day that you feel comfortable and look damn good in your clothes. When you want to dress smarter without sacrificing comfort, NICESTUFF is the versatile choice for men that’s packed with feel-good material, quality design, and sustainable practices you can feel good about showing off. 

Shop NICESTUFF today to start building your summer BBQ outfit collection designed with your pleasure in mind. For more menswear and lifestyle tips, follow NICESTUFF on Facebook and Instagram (@nicestuffclothing) and check out the NICESTUFF Journal for regular updates on how to dress for success no matter where you’re headed.

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