How to care for your NICESTUFF

So, you felt more comfortable than you looked all day! What were you wearing? Our Hybrid Life Shirt? Maybe with our Hybrid Life Pant? Did you WFH or did you go the office? A nice dinner and drinks? Or maybe you were lucky enough to do all of them because you were certainly dressed appropriately for all!

Well, now you need to care for your stuff. I don't know about you but I like to clean my shirts each time I wear them so I prefer to launder them. I turn them inside out, wash with like colors in cool water on gentle cycle (after all, you weren’t wearing your NICESTUFF at the gym) followed by line drying. I like to follow this up with a light steaming, but it is not necessary. Our performance knit shirts are naturally wrinkle resistant. Oh yea, remove the collar stays before you wash your shirt and remember to put them back afterwards.

Now for pants I have a slightly different point of view. I may wear a pant a few times before washing so I tend to do more dry cleaning in this area but not always. If you do dry clean any products, I always recommend instructing the dry cleaner to just steam and not press. Steaming is more than enough for your NICESTUFF and by having your pants pressed, you run the risk of getting those shiny burn marks on the face of the fabric. If you prefer washing, follow the same instructions as the for the shirt above and you are all set for the next day.

Hang Versus Fold

So, do you hang or fold your shirts in between wearing occasions? I like to fold my shirts, but I find that there is more hanging space in most closets, so I have come up with a hybrid idea. I fold the shirt (as if I were going to put it in a draw or on a shelf), but instead I then place it on the hanger at the fold point. (See the video below)  Easy to access in your closet and no weird hanger marks at the shoulder!


Our sustainable performance menswear is built for your ultimate comfort without sacrificing style. Following these guidelines will ensure that your clothes last longer and stay looking NICE.


Feel more comfortable than you look!