The Hybrid Life

So how are you going to approach your post pandemic Hybrid Life? How many days will you physically go into the office and how many days will you be at home? We have been talking a lot about this here at NICESTUFF and what we have learned over the last year is that we do love the idea of in person CCC (Creative Collaborative Communication). (Yes, we made that one up so don’t go Googling and hope to find any back-up on this term!!) However, we also realized how productive we can be when we have quiet isolation time at home to do all the other non-creative bullshit necessary to successfully manage and build a business! So, we will be adopting a loose rule of 2 days in the office for CCC and the remaining days at home. We are leaving it “loose” so if there is a week where it is necessary to be in the office 3 days we will, and alternatively if we only need one day then that is what we will do.

The best part of this rotational schedule is that the original NICESTUFF value proposition to our customers is not only still valid, but even more so as we move into this new rotational schedule. We started this business about a year before the pandemic with the idea that we wanted to design clothes that allow you to “Feel More comfortable than You Look”. In fact, our tag line for our shirt is “The Knit Button-Down Shirt, What to Wear When You Can’t Wear a T-shirt”. Our pant states, “The Tailored Knit Pant, What to Wear When You Can’t Wear Sweatpants” and our jacket, “The Tailored Knit Jacket, What to Wear When You Can’t Wear a Sweatshirt”. And yes, this was all prior to the pandemic, but these words couldn’t be more appropriate as we move forward. So, burn the sweats and tees, look smart yet still feel as comfortable as you have for the last year. Even on those days you WFH, have a zoom call, go to lunch, dinner or drinks, and don’t want to show up looking like you are going to the gym. (But we can still make you feel as comfortable as if you were!)


Feel more comfortable than you look!