How to Look Professional on Zoom Calls & What to Wear

How to Look Professional on Zoom Calls & What to Wear

Wondering what to wear on Zoom calls? Look no further than NICESTUFF performance tops for comfortable, professional clothes you’ll want to wear.
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One of the many advantages of working from home is being able to tackle work while wearing your favorite loungewear pieces (the canceled commute doesn’t hurt, either). But on days where video calls with clients and co-workers mean you need to look your best, it helps to have comfortable, professional work clothes that look like you give a damn without cramping your style or comfort.

If you’re one of the many men out there wondering how to look professional on Zoom in clothing that won’t look (or feel) out of place, this next list of performance menswear offers three fool-proof options to ensure you look professional on Zoom in every situation.

3 Wardrobe Staples for Professional Zoom Outfit

The Long Sleeve Button Down

Although most of your work is being done at home, that doesn’t mean your job is any less important or that your clients, co-workers, or upper management are expecting less from you. But let’s be honest–wearing restrictive work clothes at home just feels unnatural. That is precisely why you need comfortable, professional clothes and dedicated Zoom outfits that won’t leave you squirming to get through the day.

When trying to figure out what to wear on Zoom calls, your shirt should be your first order of business. A lightweight, breathable top that moves with you is a great place to start, like NICESTUFF’s men’s long sleeve button down shirts

Made from a super-soft, wrinkle-resistant knitted melange cotton, our long sleeve, slim-fit button downs are the must-have comfy professional clothes designed with a four-way stretch that makes you feel like you’re wearing your favorite tee, but on camera, it looks like you’re just dressed for another day at the office. 

You’ll love how the structured fit, removable collar stays, embroidered cuff logo, and woven gusset detail make this shirt look like a classic dress shirt. With nine different color options, you can snag one for every day of the week, plus a few extras for your weekend trip. How could you go wrong?

The Short Sleeve Button Down

Need a dressy shirt, but the idea of long-sleeves have you feeling suffocated in the summer heat? Don’t sweat it. Our men's short sleeve button down shirts were built for this.

Boasting the same impressive softness, wrinkle resistance, and sharp, slim fit of our classic long sleeve button down, our ultra-fine mélange knit short sleeve button down is engineered to breathe–and move–with your body, whether you’re stretching out at lunchtime, chatting on your Zoom call, or running out to meet the guys. 

Nine colors in this casual, comfortable, professional shirt means there’s no shortage of options to match your style, and with an impressive size chart ranging from small to XXL, we’re confident you’ll find your perfect fit for a Zoom outfit you’ll actually look forward to wearing.

The Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

A casual spin on our classic shirt, our men’s long sleeve polo shirts make the perfect Zoom call shirt when your virtual meeting calls for presentability without requiring a suit and tie ensemble. Ideal for a more casual yet professional look, this flexible yet structured slim fit polo offers a softness even your softest sweatshirt would envy with a straight hemline you’re going to love to hang in even when you clock out for the day.

Step Up Your Zoom Game with NICESTUFF

Whether your Zoom calls occur at the kitchen table, at the coffee shop, or from the parking lot of the kids’ soccer practice, work smarter–not harder, in NICESTUFF natural performance clothes for men. Shop NICESTUFF today and experience the real difference well-designed menswear can make in how you work, play, and live your hybrid life.

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