Today’s men’s fashion: You no longer have to sacrifice comfort to look smart!

In the past, men’s button-down shirts, blazers, and pants were almost exclusively made of woven fabrics, which were known to be rigid and firm. That’s why those fabrics were ideal for jeans. But thanks to the evolution of knit fabrics, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort to look smart!

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Knit fabrics: a growing trend in men’s fashion – and for good reason(s)!

From softness to elasticity, knit fabrics offer many advantages. Fashionistas love knits for their comfort and visual appeal. But there are many other advantages of today’s knit fabrics, including:

  • Flexibility: Knit fabrics allow for the creation of many different styles of clothing. Knitwear brings a high degree of flexibility to the wardrobe. Imagine button-down shirts, blazers and pants as soft, smooth and comfortable as wearing a t-shirt or sweatpants! 
  • Breathability: Knit fabrics are softer and more breathable. For example, knit button-down shirts made of 100% knitted mélange cotton provide unmatched softness and breathability. Tailored knit blazers and pants made of knitted viscose and elastane are designed for ultimate comfort and breathability.
  • Stretchability: The superb stretchability in knit fabrics allows the materials to give in all four directions. This natural 4-way stretch is an important benefit that provides supreme comfort, which leads to our next point… 
  • Unmatched comfort: Most people choose to wear knits for their softness and stretch. Knit fabrics also offer a close fit with no sense of restraint, and can fully reflect your natural body curve. Whether a button down shirt, pants or blazer, knit garments are extremely comfortable. 
  • Easy care and wrinkle-resistant: Knit fabrics offer easy care and are typically machine washable. Properly cared for knits also retain their shape and elasticity and do not wrinkle easily, which increases their aesthetic appeal.

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Looking smart no longer means you have to sacrifice comfort.

Discover the world of knit fabrics today!