Enjoy supreme style and comfort with NICESTUFF menswear!

If you’re like so many others working from home right now, you know the importance of maintaining a look of confidence during teleconferences with clients and colleagues. You also want to feel comfortable and relaxed all day long, no matter what you’re doing.

Founded by a New York City-based team with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, NICESTUFF menswear is designed for unsurpassed comfort without the sacrifice of looking smart. Our line of button-down shirts, blazers and pants are as soft, supple and comfortable as wearing a t-shirt or sweatpants!

What makes NICESTUFF unique?

As opposed to woven fabrics, which are known to be a bit rigid and firm, our wrinkle-resistant knit fabrics offer aesthetically smooth finishes and a natural 4-way stretch, with a sense of structure for a smart look.

  • Our ultra-comfortable knit button-down shirts are made of 100% knitted mélange cotton, providing unmatched softness and breathability. It’s what to wear when you can’t wear a t-shirt!
  • Our tailored knit blazers and pants are made of knitted viscose and elastane -- designed for ultimate comfort, breathability and flexibility. It’s what to wear when you can’t wear a sweat shirt or a sweat pant!

Style, comfort and a well-tailored flexible fit are at the core of the NICESTUFF design process!

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For any questions about NICESTUFF, please feel free to contact us via:  Or email us at   We promise a prompt response from a representative who is as Nice as our Stuff!             

From the NICESTUFF family to you and yours, we hope you stay safe and healthy!


                        Unsurpassed comfort without the sacrifice of looking smart

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